Kate- Receptionist Supervisor

Kate lives in Pembroke, NH with her husband and her son, Spencer.  Her family also includes 3 dogs and 2 cats. Since she was a little girl she had always wanted to work in the veterinary field and that is exactly what she did. Kate has great passion for making the lives of animals and their owners better.


2550428378612733292 Kelley lives in Bow, NH with her husband Brad. She is owned by 2 Golden Retrievers "Stanley" and "Walter", 2 labs "Bella" and "Benjamin" and one Cane Corso/Neopolitin Mastiff  named "Amelia Blue".  She also has 2 Maine Coons "Tank" and "Jasper McDreamy" and 2 bearded dragons "William" and "Alice".  Kelley comes to us with years of experience in the veterinary field and also with a background in human medicine.