Routine and Urgent-Care Examinations

Large Animal Medicine & Surgery

Routine examinations are available here at the office or at the farm by appointment. Urgent-Care examinations are accommodated as quickly as possible, and we always have a large-animal veterinarian on call after hours for emergencies.


Vaccines and Preventive Care

goat and handVaccines and preventative care are crucial to the health and longevity of your animals. Pembroke Animal Hospital carries a complete line of vaccines, dewormers, vitamins and other products to keep pets and livestock healthy.


Dental Examinations & Care

Our Large-Animal veterinarians are prepared to provide dental checkups and services as needed, including on-site dental floats (power or hand).


Laboratory & Diagnostic Imaging

goatsFrom our in-house laboratory providing fast results to our outside labs excelling in specialized testing, Pembroke Animal Hospital has the resources needed to ensure timely, accurate diagnostic testing and results. Our portable X-Ray and Ultrasound machines enable our doctors to capture high-quality diagnostic images, even on the farm.