Lets face it, we are all so busy these days.  Many of us have turned to shopping online and have come to depend on the ability to order the things we need right from our phone and have them show up on our doorstop two days later.  That is why we are introducing our new online pharmacy.  It is a safe and convenient way to purchase all of your pets supplies, preventatives and medications online and delivered straight to your door.

Our #1 priority is getting you safe and effective medication from a trusted and guaranteed source.  We are working with a reputable company that we have researched and trust. Our products will come from the manufacturers that we know and have worked with for years.  All products are FDA-regulated and manufacturer guaranteed.

We encourage you to use our online store because we can integrate with your pets medical records and maintain their preventative care.  By purchasing your pet’s prescription through our online store, we are able to send you refill reminders when it is time to get your next dose to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Shopping on our online store is convenient.  You can manage refills, place orders and have medication delivered right to your door. You can also purchase things like supplements, food and treats!

We have instant rebates, coupons, and free expedited shipping.  When you add in rebates, coupons and free shipping, the price should be about the same as other online retailers.

Our certified online pharmacy is safe.  We have the highest level of security to ensure all of your information is protected.  Our certified online pharmacy provider follows industry security standards including PCI compliance.

Be sure to click on the SHOP button on our home page and check out our new online pharmacy!