Veterinary Acupuncture

Pembroke Animal Hospital is pleased to offer Veterinary Acupuncture with Dr. Ana Barndollar

Extreme close-up mid section of a male doctor holding acupuncture needles

dog watching familyDr. Barndollar received her certification through the Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians course at Colorado State in 2014.  Since then she has had the opportunity to administer acupuncture treatments to both large and small animals- dogs, cats, horses and even cows & chickens.   

Acupuncture can help with disc disease, neuropathy, spinal cord injury, arthritis, lameness, post-surgical pain, digestive disorders, immune dysfunction, ocular pain and much more.  There are numerous studies in animals attesting to the benefits of acupuncture.   Most animals tolerate it very well and some even relax and enjoy their treatments.  Acupuncture can be an amazing complimentary therapy to conventional western medicine.