How much is daycare?    

 $32 for a full day. $21 for a half day. We do offer daycare packages as well.  (Prices can be subject to change.) 

What is considered a full day?

Anything over 5 hours from drop off time. Less than 5 hours is a half day.

Can I drop off at whatever time I want? 

Drop off is between 7:00a-10am. Dogs will not be allowed to be dropped off after 10am. They may stay if needed but will be considered a dayboard and not necessarily out in the daycare group play.  


A majority of our dogs arrive by 8:30am and begin playing; their day has started. When dogs arrive after 10am, groups are set into motion and are already at play. We do not introduce dogs to a group once it starts, as it causes a lot of over stimulation and is not always a positive outcome.  If they wait for the next round they will have an extra bout of energy than the ones that have already been playing all morning which sometimes causes issues in the groups. 

What time is pickup?

Pick up is up to 6pm. If you can not pick up by 6pm, your dog will stay overnight for boarding and be charged the $35 boarding fee. 

Can they come whenever I want?

Generally most dogs have their set days each week. There is currently no reservation process required. If you plan on bringing your dog on a day that is not routine,  we just ask that you contact us and confirm it will be ok.  

We also do not like dogs to come more than 3 days a week, sometimes 4 is accommodated. If you need to bring them more often from time to time, we can accommodate, but we believe that is too many days and too exhausting. Behavioral problems in the pack can develop as well, especially if over tired or over stimulated. We care about your dog, more than what you are willing to pay to bring him. That is our pledge to you and your dog. 

How long are the dogs outside?

Their time outside varies. We take in consideration the weather,  the amount of dogs, which dogs, if the indoor yard is being used, etc. Generally they are outside from 45-120 minutes at a time once all factors have been calculated. 

Are the dogs ever in a crate?

Yes. We are not free-play all day. We want everyone to play together and then rest together. Sometimes without down time in their own space a dog will get too overstimulated or anxious. This gives everyone a chance to reset if needed. Again a lot of factors come into play and certain dogs may get more rest than others and the groups will reflect that. Everyone is given a break at lunch time.

Kennel time does not exceed 45 minutes at one time.

Are they housed together?

Yes and no. We have individual crates for most dogs and then runs for families or close friends.  Most dogs prefer their own space but we will combine dogs who enjoy and do well with others in a bigger space.

How many dogs are in a group?

Groups can be anywhere from 3 dogs to 15. We like to keep them no more than 12 but if we have multiple staff or a ‘bomb proof’ group we will allow for more.

Are big dogs with smaller dogs?

Yes, groups are based on temperament and play style. If we think the smaller might get trampled, we will adjust the groupings. 

Are they supervised?

They are always supervised while playing. There is always at least 1 attendant in each group as well as others throughout the facility. 

What happens on severe weather days?

We are outside and inside. If fewer dogs are present, they will only use the indoor area. If we have more than the indoor allows, we will rotate with outside time. Sometimes the outside time might be cut down to 15-20 minutes if the weather is dangerously hot or freezing.

What are your yards like?

Big and full of dirt. They will get dirty and/or muddy. We let them be dogs and it’s fun. There are 5 yards total throughout the facility and the 2000 square foot indoor space. 

Will you bathe them if they get dirty?

You may request a daycare bath for $25 before they go home, but we will need at least 90 minutes notice and are subject to availability. 

Do I need to bring anything?

Just a leash (please no retractable leashes) and their collar.  You are welcome to bring their lunch if they need it, or special treats. We have everything else here for their day. 

Do you have live action cameras so I can watch my dog while there?

No we do not. Follow us on facebook for daily pictures though!

Can they have vaccines done while there for daycare?

No. We want to keep the day fun with no pokes. Vaccines especially should not be given during daycare in case a dog has reactions or becomes lethargic and snippy. Owners should be present as well during exams. You are welcome to make an appointment  at the end of the daycare day but not before or during the day.

What if I don’t want vaccines, just something looked at that I am concerned about?

A dog with any concerns/issues/illness should never come to daycare. This is potentially dangerous for them and the other dogs. Please never bring a sick dog to daycare. You may bring them to dayboard for the day if they can not be home alone all day, but they will not go out in the  group.

How long until my dog can start in the program?

The daycare supervisor will reach out to you when it is your dog’s turn to be assessed. Unfortunately we do not know when or how long that will be. All registrations are kept on file and gone through weekly, if not daily, when enrollments open up.

We do not take every application that comes in right away. We like to get to know every dog well like they were one of our own and have the groups adjust accordingly. We don’t believe in constantly putting new dogs into the group with our existing ones as it can be overwhelming and dangerous. This then makes the timing inconclusive. Some dogs might not fit and we excuse them from the program and go on to the next applicant. If a dog becomes a permanent member then that is one less spot available. 

We value the safety of our dogs and our staff and do not want to take on more than our facility or team can support. 

I only need one specific day a week; Can I just bring them without having to do the waitlist?

Unfortunately, no. They need to be accepted into the program as a whole right now since we do not have required reservations.

Can they do daycare while boarding?

If your dog is a regular daycare dog, they will play with daycare while boarding at no extra charge. Non-regular daycare dogs or veterinary clients can sign up for group play but will not be allowed to play in the general daycare population all day. There is no charge for this extra play as well.

How does their first day/assessment go?

We put your dog out into the yard by themself with staff members to play and get to know them. We then introduce one dog at a time. We evaluate as we keep slowly introducing new dogs and adjust. We then monitor throughout the day. Ideally a new dog will stay for a full day their first day. There is then a probationary period as not all dogs can be a pass/fail on their first day. It is a new environment and we give them time to acclimate and adjust. A report card will be sent home with them on how they did.