dsc_0506_edited-1Barb joined Pembroke Animal Hospital in October 2016 after a successful career of working with children.  She has lived most of her life in NH and currently shares her home with her husband and 3 cats, Baxter, Mia and Mayhem.  As an animal lover since day one, she spent several years working at animal shelters and has rescued animals throughout her lifetime.  She’s most passionate about helping both animals and their owners.  She’s passed down her compassionate nature to both of her children and always encouraged them to adopt animals if possible.  In her free time you might find her bird watching with her cats, reading or camping with her family.  


Kate lives in Pembroke, NH with her husband and her son, Spencer.  She went to UNH and graduated in 1993. Kate worked at Russell Animal Hospital for 15 years before starting at Pembroke Animal Hospital in 2007. Her family also includes 2 dogs and 2 cats. Since she was a little girl she had always wanted to work in the veterinary field and that is exactly what she did. Kate has great passion for making the lives of animals and their owners better.


SandySandy came to Pembroke Animal Hospital with over 20 years of office experience.  She shares her time with her dog, Madison; her two cats, Frisco and Smudge; and her horse, Danny. Sandy is a member of ARBA - the American Rabbit Breeders' Association.  When not at work, she enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, boating,  horseback riding and gardening.


beccaRebecca joined the PAH team in spring of 2015. She lives in Derry with her rats - Alvin, Simon and Theodore.  Becca grew up in CT and moved to NH after graduating from Becker college. In her spare time, she enjoys camping, crafting and sewing. She also volunteers with Mainely Rat Rescue.


fampic13Ingrid joined the PAH family in January 2017. She grew up in Exeter and moved to Atlanta, GA in 2001 after graduating from Boston College. She soon found her passion for bully breed rescue and rescued her first Pit Bull from a dog fighting ring.  She has since fostered and rescued over 40 Pit Bulls.  Ingrid continues to assist in re-homing bully breeds and participate in the battle against breed specific legislation (BSL).  She  lives with her daughter, Madeleine and Pit Bulls, Dahlia and Fred.