Although it’s snowy today, we here at Pembroke Animal Hospital have spring on our minds.  Spring has so many wonderful features  – plants coming alive, animals venturing from their hiding places, sunny days and warmer weather.  Of course, there’s the mud and road construction to deal with.

Springtime tends to make us remember those pesky parasites that plague our pets.  Although they are a threat year-round, they are especially noticeable in these warmer months.  It’s extremely important to protect your pets, family and home from these parasites.

fleaFleas cause itching, hair loss, and are a real headache to get rid of if they manage to infest your home.  Unfortunately, they’re everywhere.  Where there is one flea, rest assured there are many more.

Ticks are a huge threat in this area, especially for those in suburban or rural locations.  They can carry a number of diseases that affect both animals and people, Lyme disease among them.  However, other diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichia are becoming more prevalent as the ticks that carry them have spread into our area of the country.

Another disease that used to be unusual here in New England but has become much more common is heartworm disease.  Heartworm disease is carried by mosquitoes – it only takes one bite from an infected one to transmit the disease to your dog.  Heartworm is exactly what it sounds like – worms that grow inside the body and take up residence in the heart.  Treatment of this potentially fatal disease is painful, difficult, and expensive.

Intestinal parasites can be picked up by our pets all sorts of ways – puppies and kittens canimg_rwm_hook get the worms from their mothers, they can be picked up from the soil, or from contact with the feces of infected animals.  While intestinal parasites can be dangerous, especially to young pets, a major concern is that hookworms and roundworms can be transmitted to people – children are especially vulnerable.


It is our goal at Pembroke Animal Hospital to help our clients understand the threat that these parasites prevent, and to provide you with safe, effective treatment recommendations.  We understand that these medications can be expensive.  Unfortunately, products purchased from online pharmacies and retail stores are not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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