alertAs you’ve probably seen on the news, there is a lot of concern right now about pets getting sick and even dying from being fed jerky treats.  The FDA is working hard to track down the cause of illness and the source of these dangerous treats.  So far it appears that the treats that have sickened pets were manufactured in China, but at this point there isn’t much more specific information available.  To be safe, we recommend avoiding jerky-style treats completely for your dogs and cats, especially those made overseas.  There are many excellent locally made, locally sourced treats readily available for your best friend, and buying local keeps your money supporting small businesses within your community.

If you think your pet may have been sicked by jerky treats, you may be able to help with the investigation – contact the FDA through their consumer portal here.  There is a lot of speculation in the media – it’s scary to know that pets are getting sick and we don’t yet know why – but remember that speculation is just that.  A good source of reliable information is the FDA website – the most current consumer update from the FDA can be found here:  CVM_Jerky_Pet_Treats_FS_1013

For the time being, the safest course is to avoid any potential danger that may be posed by treats made overseas by avoiding them completely until there is more information available.